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About us

We are Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is a leading firm of auditors, accountants, and business advisors in Lebanon that traces its origins back to the firm of Zacca & Co., in 1962.

Personal service is of paramount importance for Baker Tilly; synergy, determination, and professionalism are among the key ingredients that make our teams capable of handling all tasks assigned successfully.

As an independent member of the Baker Tilly International network, we acknowledge the latter’s collaborative membership, along with our high-caliber staff and supportive suppliers of our business services.

Our commitment

All Baker Tilly International member firms aim to be open and transparent businesses and commit to:

  • Lead by example
  • Deliver quality service with an emphasis on integrity
  • Be open and honest in all communications
  • Act ethically
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration with other member firms
  • Maintain a supportive environment wherein individuals flourish.


Exceptional efforts are exerted within the frameworks of quality and independence to ensure the growth, prosperity, and continuity of the customers’ businesses.

Core values that accentuate our actions:

  • Committing to high-quality deliverables up to the international standards and local laws.
  • Satisfying clients by reaching extraordinary lengths in meeting and exceeding their expectations.
  • Supporting team member excellence by creating a motivational work environment for members to demonstrate their highest potential.

Baker Tilly International

Grow beyond today's limitations. The professional services network with deep experience, global reach and a personal approach.