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Audit and assurance

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Our firm has the expertise and resources to carry out statutory audits for a large range of clients. Consistent with Baker Tilly's philosophy of quality service, our audits are more than just statutory audits. We aim at conducting every audit with maximum efficiency and so providing clients with genuine solutions to problems that may arise.

Baker Tilly is distinguished with attention to detail.

Whilst it is necessary for auditors to maintain an appropriate level of independence, we encourage our staff to develop a relationship of mutual respect and understanding with senior management within the organization we are auditing. We assist our clients in setting up the optimal business structure by establishing workable accounting systems and advising on reporting systems, as well as the preparation of periodic or annual accounting.

As professional business advisors, we shall carry out a risk-based approach to auditing, thus minimizing costs and maximizing delivery of value to the business. We’ll also keep our clients informed of changes in financial reporting and other legislative material on an ongoing basis. 

Our services:

  • Financial statements audit and review
  • Agreed upon agreements
  • Other audit and assurance services.
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